3425 Westview Drive Units #1
Naples,  FL,  34104

Cell Phone :                     239 253 7269

Lee & Collier :                 239 887 0046

Charlotte & Sarasota :  941 769 9001


Detail of Services

Our Values

We value customer service and education. Much time and effort is spent educating our client with specific information for their individual needs. We strive to eliminate the unknown and explain the amazing results that can be achieved. We have adopted the latest equipment and methods, to provide our clients with extraordinary results.

■ Floors

■ Countertops and Tables

■ Shower Floors and Walls 

■ Solid Surface

We promise to provide exceptional restoration services on various surfaces. We bring years of experience that will aid in solving difficult stone problem in order to obtain Excellent results.


Marble Stone & Tile Restoration INC. is a fully insured and licensed company. We have experience in residential as well as commercial restoration. We consider it a privilege to serve our client in the most professional and efficient manner possible.

Our Promise